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We are a wholesale company in the minerals and stone jewellery and sell to dealers with subject-related business license. A sale to private individuals is not possible.

The minimum purchase per order is 100 euros.

You can contact us to place your order and we will ship your purchase to your destination. You can also shop at our branch office in Beuren or do your shopping at our booth.

Ordering via the website is not possible, but you can ask for our price list anytime.

Minerals Wholesaler Stefan Hueller
Minerals Wholesaler Stefan Hueller

Order & shipping


You can order by phone, fax or e-mail. The time we need to fulfill the order is between 1 and 3 days.
There is no order confirmation.

Shipping minerals and stone jewelry


Our shipping companies in Germany and Europe are UPS and DPD. Shipping costs depends on the destination country and vary from 7,50 Euro inside Germany up to 40 Euro to Eastern Europe for one parcel.

Normally parcels need one day for delivery in Germany.
In Europe parcels will need 2 to 4 days to be delivered.

For more details please have a look at our terms and conditions.


Purchase at fairs

We have a stand at the following fairs: Eurogems in St. Marie aux Mines end of June and Munich Show "Mineralientage" end of October / beginning of November.

You will find our main products at these fairs, especially stone jewellery, tumbled stones and polished items. Normally minerals and accessories are not offered at fairs.

If you are interested in these items, please inform us before the fair, so that we can bring them along.

Purchase in Beuren

The showrooms in Beuren offer the opportunity to choose from our whole range without any hurry.

Please note our opening times:
Monday to Friday from 9 to 17 o' clock CET.

An insight into our showrooms you get here.


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