Which fairs do you attend?

We are represented at the two largest fairs in Europe. In Munich you will find us late in October on the Mineral Show. In St. Marie we are at the Mineral & Gem end of June.

What products can you buy on the fairs?

Because of the limited size of the stands and the logistical arrangements we sell at the fairs only jewellery, tumbled stones and polished items. Minerals and accessories are available in Beuren and by mail order.

To which countries do you ship?

We use the UPS or DPD service to send to the EU countries (including Switzerland), to Southern Europe and parts of Eastern Europe. Please contact us to get further information.

How do you get a discount?

Our prices are final prices for the wholesale trade. We give no discount for individual orders. However, we have attractive prices for buying larger quantities of individual products. In addition, we provide customers buying more than 1000 euros a year net purchases with a bonus that is distributedin the following year. For details, please refer to the general terms and conditions.

Are all your products displayed on the website?

On our product pages you will find a selection only. The products in the section jewellery, we usually offer in many stone types and package sizes. The minerals are available in various sizes and quantities. In addition to the pictured products we have in stock a variety of products in all sections of our range.

Can I use an online shop to order from?

No, we do not have an online shop to order from. You can fax, phone or e-mail to order from us.

You have further questions?

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